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We have moved to 644 N Indiana Ave, Englewood FL 34223 USA

Our 925 DCOF is an NFSI Approved Device

The World’s Most Compact and affordable Slipmeters!

Everyday tools for monitoring floor safety and maintenance.
Designed for portability and for field use.

Slip and fall prevention


When it comes to floor testing or floor friction testing to monitor floor safety for slip and fall prevention, one needs a proven Tribometer or Slip Meter to determine if a floor or walkway is safe. Our meters are proven.

Reduce Negligence

A simple test of the coefficient of friction level of your floors and walkways will provide valuable data about safety levels and ongoing maintenance. Keeping records of COF monitoring and enhancments can be useful in defense of negligence litigation.

tribometers since 1993

Our meters are durable, reliable, repeatable and fully supported.  Floor safety programs and floor testing together equals safe floors. We now offer a dynamic coefficient of friction device, the ASM 925 along with our static coefficient of friction device, the ASM 825A.

What’s New


Our 925 DCOF is now an NFSI approved device for dynamic coefficient of friction testing.

We have an updated operators manual available for the 925 in the DOCS section. Dated 04/26/21

We also have an updated graphing program available, Rev 2p0 available. Send us an email to if you do not have it. Unfortunately the web system will not allow us to post an Excel program for download.

Our Meters

ASM 825A SCOF Tribometer

Easy To Calibrate, Easy to Use

Simple to follow instructions. Perform test in seconds. Designed for ease of operation and handling. Lightweight, complete kit is less than 8 lbs.

ASM 925 DCOF Tribometer

AN NFSI Approved Tribometer


Smaller and easier to use than other DCOF devices. The meter tests to the industry standards for DCOF and is designed to reduce or remove the variables between different operators using the equipment.

ASM 925

Combination Slip Meter Kit

Order the Combination Slip Meter Kit and Save!

You’ll get the ASM 925 DCOF and the ASM 825A SCOF Meters in this one kit.

ASM 925

Celebrating over 28 years of slip and fall prevention!

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644 N Indiana Avenue
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